Get the Premier of Everything with Optimum

  • Buy Optimum Services to Enjoy

    With its accessibility in countries including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Optimum offers its services to nearly 4 million people nationwide. The company provides you with blazing fast Internet, string television with a buffet of channel options to choose from and phone service. You can choose a platform-alone service or accelerate them up for a primary value for your money. The following reasons would make you determine for Optimum

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Internet favorites of up to 400 Mbps
    • Accessibility of high-end channels like HBO, Starz, and Showtime

Pack Up to Get valuation for money

  • Choose the premier package for Your conditions

    With Optimum Bundles, you can customize the packages according to your favor. Stand- alone service or a fusion of two or all three services, the selection is yours. Optimum has some glamorous packages that you can choose from according to your demand. Some of the options that you would require to consider include

    • Internet & Home Phone
    • Optimum Select TV + Optimum 200 + Phone
    • Premier Internet 400 Phone

The Freedom to browse & Download

  • Optimum Internet Gives You All That

    Optimum offers you blazing speed Internet and many more. Your web browsing proficiency will none be the same as buying an Optimum Internet plan. No or minimal time-out, access to over a million Wi- Fi hotspots and capability to connect the whole firm through Wi- Fi are some features that will attract you. The smart router comes free with any plan that you buy. nonetheless, you'll have to pay for the modem or installation services. Purchasing an Optimum Internet plan means you'll enjoy the following

    • Up to 400 Mbps Internet speed
    • Movie streaming in HD
    • Uninterrupted online gaming and video conferencing

Take Your television Watching Up a Notch!

  • Choose Optimum Cable television for Unlimited Options

    Optimum Cable TV stand- alone packages come in 8 different options with a diversified channel lineup and much further. Available channels from different stripes include the kinds of entertainment, sports, news, and Spanish. An option to buy Premium channels by paying an excess amount for each is also available. The Cloud DVR services and access to over 60 HD channels are extras that come with Optimum Cable television packages. Asunder from that, add- on services and fresh stuff including DVR and cable box are also available for purchase. Buy a bundle of your preference today to enjoy

    • Access to over 220 channels
    • Optimum television app to watch television on the- go

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum

How do I pay my Optimum bill?

You can pay your bill online or visit an Optimum exit near you.

Is Optimum client service 24 hours?

Technical support is accessible 24 hours a day. though, all other client support is available from 800a.m. to 800p.m.

Can I watch television on my phone with Optimum?

Download the Optimum app and you can watch television on your phone.

Is Cablevision the same as Optimum?

Yes, Cablevision extended its products with the title of Optimum TV, Optimum Cable and Optimum Phone.

What's Cablevision called now?

Cablevision is now developed by Altice and goes with the title Optimum by Altice.